About Our Herbs and Botanicals

MOMMACHA sources its herbs and botanicals from all over the world. Our main supplier is one of the largest buyers of organic herbs in the United States. Some of the testing methods that are used to ensure quality are but not limited to:

HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography): Measures active constituent levels in herbs.

GC (gas chromatography) and MS (Mass Spectrometry): Identifies and quantifies volatile components in essential oils.

Microanalysis: Reveals cellular structure of plants to determine identity and adulteration.

Microbiological Testing: Tests levels of yeast, mold and bacterial pathogens.

Organoleptic Testing: Taste, smell and sight tests determine quality and screen out adulterated product.

Aromatherapy Testing: Numerous tests are performed on our essential oils to ensure purity and quality. In addition to gas chromatography (GC), we utilize tests for specific gravity, optical rotation, refractive index and sensory analysis. Each essential oil has a particular weight, a direction and degree in which light rays bend when passing through the oil, and a speed at which light is refracted.

Cryogenic Grinding: Most herbs and spices are cryogenically ground. Raw materials are ground at zero to minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit to protect volatile components. Normal grinding temperatures can reach 200 degrees, damaging heat-sensitive components. Our research shows that cryogenic grinding delivers up to 22% higher levels of active constituents.

Freshness Dating: Many of our packaged products are freshness-dated to help ensure that our customers receive the freshest possible products.