Black Seed Oil
Vitamin and mineral-dense oil great for everyday care.  Provides protective and soothing moisture for the skin and scalp.  Cold pressed from cumin seeds and also referred to as black cumin seed oil. 
 4fl oz. sku: 190383 17.59                
Cold pressed from the seeds of organic tropical castor plants.  Commonly used as a cleansing element in targeted skin care routines.  Contains essential fatty acids known for moisturizing and maintaining balance of the skin. 
16 fl. oz sku: 191405 14.99   Organic    4fl oz. sku: 191403 5.49                
Moisturizing, non-greasy butter known for its skin-nourishing properties and strong cocoa aroma.  Extracted from organic cocoa beans and used in many nourishing skincare applications for hands, feet, and rough places like elbows and knees.
4 fl. oz sku: 184627 8.14                                    
Conditioning oil known for its tropical aroma and useful everyday hair and body application.  Contains powerful fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that moisturizes skin and hair.  Cold pressed from the flesh of organic coconuts. 
Unrefined 6.25 oz. sku: 190140 9.99
Lightweight, fast absorbing oil great for everyday care. Full of antioxidants that rejuvenate dry skin and hair.  Ontained through distillation, when a fraction of the oil emerges as a liquid.
4 fl. oz sku: 190384 9.49   (Organic)  4 fl oz. sku: 191406 5.99                
Light, absorbent oil solvent extracted from the seeds of wine grapes.  Contains skin-supporting compounds and vitamin E that promotes moisture.  Ideal everyday oil, compatible for many skin types and a great alternative oil for those with nut allergies.
4 fl. oz sku: 191171 5.09                        16 fl oz. sku: 191174 15.22                
Lightweight, absorbent oil, cold pressed from the seeds of organic henp plants.  Compatible to all skin types and often used in facial applications to encourage a healthy glow.  Contains essential fatty acids protective to the skin and great for everyday care.
4 fl. oz sku: 190382 8.99                      
Absorbent, liquid wax that resembles the skin’s pH factor and natural emoliating processes of sebum production. Commonly used in facial care and ideally suited to all skin types because it does not clog pores. Expeller pressed from the seeds of the jojoba plant.
4 fl. oz sku: 191172 15.59                      
Rich, moisturizing oil expressed from the organic nuts of macadamia trees.  Great for protecting skin during dry winter months or skin exposed to weathering effects of outdoor activities anytime of the year.
1 fl. oz sku: 199805 10.99                      
Nourishing, waxy oil, similar to jojona oil, cold pressed from meadowfoam seeds.  Contains rejuvenating properties for skin and hair and an ideal choice for salves, balms and ointments. 
1 fl. oz sku: 190387 14.99                      
Cold pressed from the seeds of organic rose fruits, known as hips, and is valued for its restoring properties.  Contains essential fatty acids known for skin conditioning.  Often used as a face serum or a general body oil to soften and rejuvenate skin.
1 fl. oz sku: 199811 14.51                      boxed 1 fl. oz   sku: 190211 14.51                Facial Oil Serum 1 fl.oz. sku: 199758 19.99
Expressed from the same sesame seeds used in cooking.  An oil for everyday care that provides soothing moisture. Contains an array of nourishing components for softening and protecting the skin.
1 fl. oz sku: 190609 7.31                                               4fl oz. sku: 191198 5.24               
Shea Butter
Nourishing butter that leaves skin looking smooth and soft.  Contains vitamins, antioxidants and high content of fatty acids that intensely nourish and moisturize skin. 
Seals in moisture and provides nourishing benefits of shea butter in a lightweight, thin oil form.  Rich in fatty acids that help condition skin and hair. Expeller pressed directly from organic shea nuts during the shea butter making process.
4 fl. oz sku: 191380 8.99                                    Organic  4fl oz. sku: 190380 11.99             
Expeller pressed from ripe almonds and high in moisturizing essential fatty acids.  Its weight and nutrient density make it great for everyday care, such as bath and after-shower applications and especially appropriate for caring of dry skin.
1 gallon sku:11176 94.37                                                  4fl oz. sku 191144 6.05.                                            Organic 4 fl.oz. sku: 190607 14.30.                          16fl. oz. sku: 191145 18.16
Nourishing oil cold pressed from organic seeds of the tropical tamanu plant. Contains powerful essential fatty acids and promotes skin vibrancy. Frequently used for spot treatments and in blends for problematic skin issues.
1 fl.oz sku:199812 15.99                                                                                  
An odorless oil derived from organic,non-GMO soybeans.  Attracts and holds moisture to the skin, commonly blended into body care products, such as soaps, creams and lotions to boost moisture attracting properties.
Organic 4 fl.oz. sku: 191400 5.99                          Organic 16fl. oz. sku: 191402 16.99